Cave Les Deux Cimes

Welcome to McCulloch Wines and the world of  «Swiss AlpineWines».                             
The concept is simple, a small production of high quality wines, originating from the exceptional «terroir» of the steep south-facing slopes of the central Valais in Switzerland.
«Swiss Alpine Wines» is a label that ties together the concept of specialized wine production in a slightly extreme mountain environment, to create characteristic wines from varied geology, altitude and climate. A true mountain variety.
Grounded in 2007, McCulloch Wines is the vision of Scottish wine-maker Jamie S. McCulloch, engineer in Viticulture and Oenology. 

Cave Les Deux Cimes
McCulloch, Jamie S.
Le Plane-Ville 2
1955 Chamoson

Mobil: 076 531 27 48

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